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Welcome to the Spreewald - Delightful landscapes for explorers and relaxed surroundings to relax and unwind

Lübben as a state-approved resort is the ideal starting point to discover the wonderful Spreewald. Lübben is not as crowded with tourists as other places in the Spreewald, it is more relaxed here. Whether a leisurely boat trip through picturesque landscapes or on your own by canoe or bicycle, the Spreewald will fascinate you. From Lübben you can also visit the Spreewald village Schlepzig with brewery, distillery and many other highlights, make an excursion to Burg (Spreewald) with a visit to the Spreewald thermal spa or the Slawenburg Raddusch. This is only a small selection of the possibilities, we have compiled a selection for you in our house folder. The Spreewaldhaus in Lübben would like to be your new "temporary home" for your big and small discoveries in the Spreewald, which has its very special charm at any time of the year. That is why we have opened our holiday home for you all year round. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


Would you like to know more about the Spreewaldhaus or make arrangements for a booking? Please contact our administrator:

Sven Kunath
Markt 11
D-03185 Peitz

Phone: +49 171 4066399 (Mo.-Fr. from 11 am till 7 pm)


Landlord of the holiday home (emergency contact, please always contact the manager first):

Erika und Hans-Albrecht Lehmann
Hauptstr. 10
D-03185 Peitz

Phone: +49 35601 22205 (Mo.-Fr. from 9 am till 6 pm)



House rules

Dear holiday guests!

Our holiday home should be your second home. You should be able to feel comfortable and rest. We have put a lot of effort into the furnishing and hope that you will find everything you need. The following house rules are intended as an aid for a harmonious stay. We have also listed some rules that we hope they find your comprehension. By treating the apartment properly, you will help us to offer you and other guests satisfactory accommodation.


If you miss anything in the house or if you need help, please feel free to contact us. All things that are or belong to the holiday home or on the terrace may be used by the guests (only exception: contents of the locked cabinet in the pantry). Please handle the entire furnishing and inventory with care and treat the rented property with care. Please make sure that your fellow travellers and visitors follow the house rules. Supervise your children and please ensure that your "little ones" also observe the house rules. We assume no liability for personal injuries.

Furniture and equipment

All interior furniture may not be taken outdoors or moved. Removal of furniture is not permitted in any way. Settings on the heating or electronic devices in the holiday home may not be changed or reprogrammed without prior agreement with the landlord. We ask for it and are very grateful if you wear house-shoes in the holiday object and take off street shoes in the entrance area.


Please handle the kitchen equipment and technical appliances with care. Since a dirty kitchen does not please anyone, please put dishes, pots and cutlery in the cupboards only in a clean and dry condition. Do not place hot pots and other hot objects on the tables or worktop without a coaster. Always use a cutting board as a base for cutting. Please leave the interior of the oven and microwave in a clean state.


During the use of the terrace and the outside area of the property you should supervise your babies and children at any time. There is a particular risk of accidents if the side marquee is used improperly and the pump shaft cover in the garden is entered (not permitted). In the interest of respecting a good neighborhood, when using the terrace, pay attention to an appropriate noise level. Before operating the side marquee, please read the operating instructions, there is a risk of accident! The instructions can be found in the house folder. The seat cushions for the terrace furniture and seating in the smoking area should be stored overnight and in rainy weather on the shelves in the shed.


A charcoal grill is available at any time (you can find it in the shed). The use of the barbecue is at your own risk and responsibility, it may only be used on the barbecue area provided for this purpose. Fire accelerators and open fires are prohibited for your own safety and fire protection reasons. Clean the grill after each use and dispose of the cooled ash in the metal bucket provided.


Nobody intentionally damages things, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks. We would be pleased if you inform us of the damage incurred and we do not determine this only after your departure with the final cleaning. The tenant is liable for major damage to the equipment and the house in the amount of the replacement costs. All other small things, such as broken glasses or the like, we take over. Please let us know that something has broken.


Please ventilate the rooms sufficiently to prevent mould growth and odours, especially after using the shower. Please note that the kitchen has no window and always switch on the extractor hood when using the stove or oven.

Due diligence

We ask our guests to treat the rented property with care and to ensure that fellow travellers and relatives also comply with the rental conditions. The entrance door should always be closed and locked with a key when leaving the house. All windows and the patio door must also be closed when leaving the apartment in order to avoid possible damage caused by thunderstorms or burglary. For bearable room temperatures and as additional burglary protection, we recommend lowering the blinds if the building is left for a longer period of time. We assume no liability for burglary and theft. The resources water and electricity should be used sparingly.

Waste disposal

The waste is separated into residual waste, glass, paper and packaging waste with the green dot. Corresponding containers are available on the property. Please only use waste bins and cosmetic buckets in the bathroom with garbage bags and dispose of them closed in the residual waste bin. No waste, leftover food, harmful liquids or the like may be thrown or poured into the kitchen sink, toilets, washbasins or showers! Avoid anything that could block the pipes (no hygiene products in the toilet).


Should you ever have an mishap ("extreme dirt", liquids on the floor or work surfaces, etc.), we ask you to remove it immediately. We ask you to leave the cottage broom-clean on departure and to put all used dishes clean in the cupboards again.

Rest time

In the interest of good neighbourliness, we ask you to observe public rest periods such as midday, night and Sunday rest.


A wireless internet connection (WLAN) is available in the holiday home. You will find the access code in the house folder. The use of the Internet with your own WLAN-enabled terminal (notebook, PDA, smartphone, etc.) via the WLAN connection is free of charge for the tenant. You use the internet at your own risk, the landlord excludes any liability in connection with the internet use of the tenant. By using the WLAN you accept the terms of use in the house folder.


Smoking is not allowed in the cottage. Please leave the holiday home to smoke. A smoking area has been set up on the property. Should you exceptionally smoke on the terrace due to bad weather, please close all windows and the patio door so that no smoke can penetrate into the house. Please use the ashtray provided. Please dispose of the completely cooled cigarette remains in the dustbin.


Pets (and of course wild animals) are not allowed.

Parking facilities

It can be parked directly in front of the holiday home and in the property entrance. If a parking space is made available to you, this does not constitute a custody contract. In the event of loss of or damage to motor vehicles parked or manoeuvred on the property and their contents, the landlord shall not be liable, except in the event of intent or gross negligence.

Winter service

The landlord does not offer any snow or ice clearing and scattering services. If it is snowing or slippery, it is up to you to clear and blunt (scattering sand or grit) the paths on the property. Snow shovels and grit are provided by the landlord. We assume no liability for personal injury or property damage.

Domiciliary rights

If repairs are necessary immediately, it may be essential for the landlord to enter the holiday home without the guest's knowledge.


Please never give the keys out of your hand. Loss of the keys must be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs of the locking system.


The landlord is not liable for any valuables of the guest(s).

Arrival and departure

Arrival is by arrangement. On the day of departure we ask our guests to vacate the holiday home by 10 am at the latest. On your departure, the holiday home should look exactly as you found it.
This includes in particular:

  • Empty refrigerator and wipe dry
  • Clean dishes and put them back dry in a their place
  • Disposal of the rest of your food (mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauces etc. can be left in the refrigerator)
  • If necessary, clean oven, microwave and grill
  • Seat cushions of patio furniture properly stowed away in the shed
  • Switch off electrical appliances (except refrigerator)
  • Dispose of household waste in the designated waste containers
  • Leave our holiday home broom-clean

By booking and using the holiday home we assume that the house rules are accepted.

Thank you for your attention.

We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and recreation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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